Stealing of Port Elizabeth by ANC – new book of horrors; Ed Herbst preview

2021-04-14|Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Former Executive Director must pay back R11.3m after misleading Municipal Council

Media Management Officer Kupido Baron

2020-10-30|The Herald

Firing of law firm comes back to bite councillors

Nomazima Nkosi

2020-10-29|The Herald

Lindile Petuna ruling is a warning to all officials

2020-10-28|The Herald

Lindile Petuna to pay up for Georgiou zoning bungle

Kathryn Kimberley

2019-12-05|City Press

Political parties band together to oust Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Bobani

Juniour Khumalo & Mandisa Nyathi


Trollip opens case against acting city manager

Michael Kimberly


DA wants "coalition of corruption" NMB placed under administration

Raahil Sain

2019-04-24|The Citizen

Place "coalition of corruption" Nelson Mandela Bay under administration – DA

African News Agency (ANA)


Bay municipality must be put under administration – Trollip

Siyamtanda Capa

2019-02-28|The Herald

Firm sues for R27m over IPTS deal

Michael Kimberley

2018-12-03|The Herald

"Warning to metro on move to reinstate staff"

Rochelle de Kock

2018-12-03|The Herald

"A closer look at those involved in the NMBM hearings"

Rochelle de Kock

2018-07-17|The Herald

Sipho Gcora - "Contractor nailed for defaming judge, major"

Devon Koen

2018-07-14|The Herald

Georgious - Erf 1756, 2318 and 2787, Lorraine - "Spa dispute drags on – nine years later"

Tremaine van Aardt

2018-07-06|The Herald

MEC: COGTA/Johann Mettler - "Wrangle over appointment of Mettler goes on"

Nomazima Nkosi

2018-03-05|The Herald

Bonnie Chan - "Concern as auditing head suspended"

Odette Parfitt and Siyamtanda Capa

2018-02-12|The Herald

Trevor Harper - "Suspended Bay Official quits after secret deal"

Nomazima Nkosi

2018-02-12|Daily Dispatch

Mbulelo Matokazi - "IT manager fired by metro for misconduct to challenge dismissal"

Nomazima Nkosi

2017-10-12|The Herald

Ismail Lagardien - "Students irate after NMU dean resigns"

Devon Koen

2017-07-15|The Herald

Le Roux Inc. - "Hawks swoop in on Bay attorneys"

Rochelle de Kock and Gareth Wilson

2017-06-08|The Herald

Sox Nkanjeni - "Sox to appeal against conviction"

Kathryn Kimberley

2017-02-27|The Herald

Mlokothi - "Rejected cut boss resorts to courts"

Kathryn Kimberley

2017-01-26|The Herald

Nadia Gerwel - "Bay official resigns after 18 months on suspension"

Avuyile Mnqxitama-Diko

2017-01-19|Daily Dispatch

Georgious - Erf 1756, 2318 and 2787, Lorraine - "Georgious lose court battle over spa"

Adrienne Carlisle

2016-12-29|The Herald

Pierre Voges - "MBDA Boss quits"

Gareth Wilson and Avuyila Mngxitama-Diko

2016-11-30|The Herald

Access Facilities - "How Access saga unfolded"

Nwabisa Makunga

2016-11-25|The Herald

Mlokothi - "Over to you, Mr Mettler"

Rochelle de Kock and Avuyila Mngxitama-Diko

2016-07-26|The Herald

Mathabathe - "Fired metro police chief wants job back"

Rochelle de Kock

2016-06-23|The Herald

Gobo Gcora Construction - "City boss takes on Madonsela"

Rochelle de Kock

2016-03-01|The Herald

Erastyle - "Metro sues to recoup bus system millions"

Rochelle de Kock

2016-02-04|The Herald

Georgiou Review - "Georgious continue legal fight"

Lee-Anne Butler

2015-08-13|The Herald

Georgious - Erf 1756, 2318 and 2787, Lorraine - "Georgious ordered to demolish PE hotel"

Herald reporter

2015-08-03|The Herald

Le Roux Inc. - "IPTS lawyers want to pay back money"

Rochelle de Kock and Nwabisa Makunga